Christian Relationship Certified Life Coach

Jennifer Suggs M.Ed.

Let me Introduce myself....

I am Jennifer Suggs, your Christian Relationship Certified Life Coach who is also a minister, mentor, musician and educator with a Master’s degree in Education. I empower women to authentically connect to and actualize the Power of God within that will ignite transformation and propel them into a fulfilled life of abundance. The greatest joy in life is to know the Love of God and allowing His Power to become your power to live a passionate, purposeful, authentic and abundant life that God promises for you! Not only do I help other reach this goal, I have had to travel this road myself, by myself, without a road map or confirmation. Click on video above to learn more. 


So....., I know what it’s like to feel powerless to go after a fulfilling and authentic life. I know what it’s like to live a life less than what you were created for. I know what it’s like to be blessed and still waking up in the middle of the night and cry from the pain of unhappiness, insignificance and helplessness. I know what it feels like to do all you know to do and it still isn’t enough to fill any void in your life. But....... I also know what it is like to have your prayers answered!! I know what it is like to live a life of abundance and favor, love, an power! I know what it feels like to Be fulfilled and at peace instead of chasing fulfillment and peace. I know what it is to experience joy and have a relationship with God that is alive and is the Source of living an empowered life (Deuteronomy 33:25). I know He hears me, intimately knows my every pain and I have confidence that He answers, guides, keeps me and most important of all, Loves me. As a result, I know longer live an inauthentic, helpless, insignificant, purposeless life. My relationships are healthy and supports me living my best life, and my choices and boundaries are in line with my highest good!

In my coaching program, Trinity Transformation, I walk with you through your journey of empowerment towards abundance and fulfillment. From the inside out, my one on one program will give you the skills needed to build your spirit, empower your soul and honor your temple, which is your body, so that the power you receive from God will not be blocked in any area. Your outward life will shine because your inward life will be in line with God’s love and life as it flows to you and through you. Alone this journey can be scary, discouraging and feel very uncertain, but as your coach, I will help guide you, empower you and through this process that is sure to transform and propel you into a more Power”FULL” Living and give you passion and power for a greater tomorrow!