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"From chaos within your relationship to Intimacy and Fulfillment"

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-Beloved, I wish above all that you may prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers- 3


  • Do you desire to fix your relationship?

  • Are you tired of that feeling of loneliness

  • Are you fed up with the stress, tension, draining and /or silence that stands in the way of your connection?

  • Do you want more romance and feel more of a connection with your spouse?

  • Do you desire to have a fulfilling and thriving relationship with your spouse?

  • Do you want to resolve lingering issues, conflict and/or fears in your relationship?

  • Do you want better mental, emotional, and physical health?

  • Do you desire peace and a practical solution to your problems?​

         The Road Map

"Except the Lord Build the house, they that labor, labors in vain." (Ps. 27:1)

All relationships are different but experience similar things such as heartbreak, unforgiveness, disconnection, feeling unheard, unloved, tension, chaos, loss of communication and/or  intimacy.  Right where you find yourself, in the midst of this journey, God has promised never to leave you nor forsake you.  You may feel lost, but all you need is a road map that will take you from the day to day chaos to the intimacy you once knew with your spouse.  In our work together, you will learn and experience the impact of three different steps towards a more connected and fulfilling relationship. 

1)Connecting to the Source

   -Connecting and nurturing the powerful and unconditional Love of God is essential to healing for your soul and mind.  The first part of this road map is securing your own connection in your way to God.  Only He can make you complete ( Col. 2:10) and satisfy your longing soul (Ps. 107:9)  Allowing His love to wash over you will change your perspective, heal your heart and strengthen you for better.


2) Soul Love

  - This place of  authentically learning how to love yourself deeply will ensure that you will never have to live with that feeling of loneliness and unloved ever again.  You will learn how to become self aware of what you need and be empowered to get what you need for yourself.  You will no longer delegate love, happiness and joy to be fulfilled in only one way through your relationship. 

3) Fulfilling Romantic love

   - From this place of inner wealth and satisfaction, you will learn how to listen AND be heard.  You will learn a new set of skills that will allow you to discover and rediscover the love you have always shared and how to nurture this love and make it last. 

All you need is a proven road map that will PERMANENTLY revive your relationship from the inside out, God's way!

I am a passionate Christian Relationship Certified Life Coach.  I help woman BE healed from their heart's brokenness, BE established in wholeness and create a full and abundant life Through the Power of God.  My joy comes when my clients reach their goals and relationships are revived and restored!


 I specialize in working with individuals and professionals who are ready to be empowered and make positive life changes. I believe each of us deserves to live a more authentic, fulfilling, and  beautiful life. Feel free to contact me with any questions, and learn how to reach your full potential.



  • YOU WILL LEARN mindset. You will learn how to shift your perspective in a way that will support an abundant life. This shift is necessary in order to sustain your newly empowered life! You will be equipped with everything you need to transform.

  • YOU WILL BE EMPOWERED We will have one on one tailored-made coaching sessions that are specific to your relationship with God and where you are. This will give you the space and support needed for your own healing and transformation  

  • YOU WILL BE SUPPORTED. During this program, I am your biggest supporter and confidante. You will be guided through the bumps in the road and through prayer, simple meditations, and affirmations I will be there to reaffirm your steps towards an empowered living. 

  • YOU WILL BE LISTENED TO. This is not a do it yourself program! It will be very important for you to participate in your own transformation. I will be there to listen and pray with you throughout this journey. Your speaking about your progress will be very important and I will be there to listen, guide, affirm and develop you as you grow.  

YOU WILL LEARN NEW SETS OF SKILLS Not only will this program give you what you need to be transformed, but I will also give you the skills you will need in order to support your transformation so that you sustain your transformation and live an empowered life even after the program is over.


  • Freedom from a state of hopelessness and courage to embrace your own uniqueness

  • A new set of skills that are used to nurture your spirit, soul and body.

  • A transformative experience that will change your entire life and relationships

  • Self awareness, boundaries self love, and Christian principles that support your you living your best life.

  • Perspective shift that will change your attitude and outlook on what is promised to you by God.

  • A refreshing sense of love for your uniqueness that nurtures and not hinders growth.

  • Renewed energy to live and prosper

  • An understanding of how God’s love transforms and delivers in every situation.

  • More love, power, passion, joy and peace in your daily life.

  • A stronger connection and communication with God

  • The courage to make authentic and nurturing choices that will sustain your peace and joy.

  • Greater confidence in your prayer life and receiving from God.

  • And much much more!!  

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